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Kurigram Agricultural University and Khulna University to Collaborate in Academia and Research, VC A.K.M. Zakir Hossain Announces

Kurigram Agricultural University (KuriAU) and Khulna University (KU) are set to deepen their academic and research ties through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between their respective faculties of life sciences and agriculture and fisheries. This announcement was made by KuriAU Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. A.K.M. Zakir Hossain, following a recent visit to KU where he met with their Vice-Chancellor and other university officials.

During his visit, Dr. Hossain discussed the potential for collaboration in various areas, including joint research projects, faculty exchange programs, and student internships. Both universities expressed their enthusiasm for the collaboration, agreeing to finalize the MOU "as early as possible". In collaboration we will explore to cope of the 4IR technologies in smart agricultural researches towards achieving the goal to make Bangladesh smart technology based Bangladesh.

Dr. Hossain expressed his gratitude to the KU Vice-Chancellor for the warm hospitality and to the faculty members for their "generous aspirations and interest" in the MOU. He also took the opportunity to visit KU's advanced laboratories and learn about their ongoing research activities.

This collaboration holds significant potential for both universities. KuriAU, a young and rapidly growing institution, can benefit from KU's established reputation and expertise in the field of life sciences. Conversely, KU can gain access to KuriAU's unique focus on agriculture and fisheries, which are critical sectors for Bangladesh's economy.


The specific areas of collaboration are yet to be finalized, but the MOU is expected to cover areas such as:

  • Joint research projects: Faculty members from both universities can collaborate on research projects of mutual interest, leveraging each other's expertise and resources.

  • Faculty exchange programs: Faculty members can exchange visits and participate in teaching and research activities at the other university.

  • Student exchange programs: Students can participate in exchange programs, allowing them to experience a different academic environment and broaden their horizons.

  • Joint workshops and seminars: Both universities can organize joint workshops and seminars to share knowledge and expertise with their respective communities.


The signing of the MOU is expected to take place in the near future, marking a significant step in the collaboration between KuriAU and KU. This partnership has the potential to benefit not only both universities but also the wider academic community in Bangladesh.